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YS01 machine tool/CKX36/46

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Integral casting of the base and the bed is suitable for complex environments with large differences between hot and cold temperatures.

Reduce labor costs, one person can take care of multiple machines, saving a lot of labor costs.

Manipulator can use independent control system, does not affect the operation of the machine, easy and flexible operation, high reliability, high speed, high precision, easy maintenance.

For more complex parts that require multi-stage processing, it can be made into a production line, with a loading and unloading table added between the two lathes, and the robot will complete all the processes step by step in accordance with the process, which can be sent to the designated area for quality control and packaging via conveyor belt.

serial numberProject nameProject contentCKX6136/indicatorsCKX6146/indicators
1processing capabilityMax. turning diameter on bed420420
Maximum processing diameter360360
Maximum processing length270mm270mm
2bedMaximum strokeX-axis 900mm, Z-axis 270mmX-axis 900mm, Z-axis 270mm
Rapid feed rate24m/min24m/min
Rail typeRoller linear guideRoller linear guide
3spindleSpindle center height56mm56mm
Spindle through hole diameter4656
Maximum bar diameter3545
Spindle speed6000r/min6000r/min
4Tooling systemsTool mounting methodrazor bladerazor blade
Square tool holderscalibre12calibre16calibre20calibre12calibre16calibre20
Drill chuck ER20Adjustable drill chuck, supports up to 20.Adjustable drill chuck, supports up to 20.
5external dimensionL*W*H2050.5*1250*18002050.5*1250*1800




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