How does a high-precision machine make a more accurate machine tool?

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In our CNC machines, there are two central axioms.

1. Determine the manufacturing accuracy limit, never manufacturing equipment itself is not the accuracy, but the accuracy of the measuring instrument.

In the measuring instrument precision range, manufacturing accuracy is not a simple, point-like technical problems, but a comprehensive optimization problem. (manufacturing equipment error can be seen as a combination of steady-state error and non-steady-state error, steady-state error can be used to calibrate, calibration and other techniques to deal with, the precision mentioned here refers to the impact of non-steady-state error, i.e. repeat positioning accuracy) in fact the principle is very simple. For the first point: to make an analogy, hit the target, the gunner technology is not good, the gun did not have the center of gravity, it must not hit the target? Certainly not ah, as long as the target is there, even if the shooter is a blind man shooting all over the sky, as long as the gun can be fired, put infinite number of guns, there is always a small probability to hit the target; so, as long as you have the means to determine a shot out in the end hit or not, that is, the measurement accuracy to the target accuracy, will always hit, it is only a matter of material costs and time costs. So from the pure theory, or for individual cost-free industry (such as military, scientific research equipment, etc.), manufacturing equipment itself is not the limit of the accuracy of the moat can not break through; Similarly, for the second point: or to hit the target as an example, in fact, the battlefield, my gun accuracy is not, must not hit the winning battle? Not necessarily, although my gun only hits one tenth of the time, but would I be okay with ten times the amount of ammo? I'll load it with bloomers, so it'll miss, but if it hits, it'll take ten times the casualties, okay? Processing accuracy is also the same, I spend a hundred times the cost, can only improve the accuracy of ten times, that the technology is only reserves and explore the meaning, temporarily no practical value; But if I can find from other places to make up, such as reducing the failure to deal with time, optimize production scheduling and process, shorten the processing time, etc., to achieve ten times the improvement of production efficiency, then although the strict sense of manufacturing process accuracy is not! But in reality the result is the same.

Not only can high-precision machines be used to make higher-precision machines, even manually (many precision manufacturing disciplines still use manual tuning and assembly on a large scale), but this is logical, as long as the inspection equipment is in place. However, to manufacture 0.1 micron parts on micron precision machines, you have to bear the additional cost of at least a 90% reduction in yield.




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