How to buy a CNC lathe

CNC lathes process the required machining parts according to a pre-programmed program, with high machining accuracy and good quality, so they are favored by consumers. But there are more types of CNC lathes, how can we buy the right CNC lathe for ourselves?

1, a reasonable determination of CNC machine functions. CNC lathe manufacturers to buy the skills to choose the function, should be based on the product specifications, size, accuracy, etc. to select the CNC machine tool, should not pursue large and complete, because the more complex the system, the lower the reliability, acquisition costs and maintenance costs will also increase, the corresponding increase in processing costs, resulting in a great waste of resources.

2, to determine the parts to be processed. Should be based on the need to process the typical parts to buy a reasonable, although the CNC lathe manufacturers have a high degree of flexibility and adaptability, but only under certain conditions to process certain parts to achieve good results.

3, the reasonable choice of CNC system. To consider in detail the numerical control system that can meet the requirements of the performance parameters and reliability indicators, and to consider the ease of operation, programming, maintenance and management.

4, configuration of the necessary accessories and tools. In order to give full play to the role of CNC machine tools, enhance its processing capabilities, must be equipped with the necessary accessories and tools. Generally equipped with enough tools to give full play to the function, so that the selected to process multiple product varieties, to prevent unnecessary idle and waste.

5, brand. After comparison, we should also consider the after-sales service, technical support, personnel training, supporting materials, software support, installation and commissioning, spare parts supply, tooling system and machine accessories of the CNC lathe manufacturer in a comprehensive manner.

The above is the purchase of CNC lathe need to pay attention to a few aspects, hope to help you.




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