Workpiece clamping method for gang tool type CNC lathe

The workpiece clamping method of platoon knife CNC lathe (platoon knife CNC lathe): single piece manual clamping, automatic feeding of bar material (direct feeding length of 2.5 m). It is fully enclosed and protected, with beautiful and generous appearance design.

The open-loop control of plate-type CNC lathe means that the control system does not accept the feedback control, but only controls the output, regardless of the consequences of the control. Also known as no feedback control system. In the CNC machine tool consists of stepper motor and stepper motor drive line. CNC device according to the input instructions, after the operation sends a pulse instruction to the stepper motor drive line, thereby driving the table to move - a fixed distance. This servo system is relatively simple, stable work, easy to grasp the use, but the improvement of precision and speed is limited. Therefore, it is generally only used in some economical CNC machine tools that can not consider the external influence, or small inertia, or precision requirements are not high. Compared with traditional machine tools, the advantages of platoon tool type CNC lathe are mainly reflected in three aspects. The first is the digital operating system, the second is the high-speed production efficiency, and the third is the degree of processing. First, let's talk about the platoon knife type CNC lathe * advantages. This kind of machine adopts digital control system, when people operate it, they no longer need to stand beside the machine tool as in the past, but only sit in front of the operation screen.

In this way, not only reduces the labor intensity, but also improves the safety factor of production. Another advantage of the platoon tool type CNC lathe is its rate. Due to the structure and manufacturing process of traditional machine tools, there may be some conditions during the production process, which may affect the production schedule. And with this type of machine, one will find that the kind of conditions that used to occur frequently are now rare. This provides productivity and saves working time accordingly. The third feature of the plate-driven CNC lathe is that it is more accurate, which is also determined by the digital control system it uses.




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