Analysis of the concept of two points in a CNC lathe

The origin of the CNC lathe coordinate system is called the machine zero point. The machine zero point is a fixed point on the machine tool, determined in advance by the manufacturer. The machine zero point M is the starting point of the zero point of the machine coordinate system and other coordinate systems, such as the workpiece coordinate system, the programming coordinate system and the reference point (or reference point) in the machine. The origin O of machine tool coordinate system of CNC lathe is generally located at the end face of the chuck, or a certain distance from the end face of the chuck jaws, or the machine tool reference point.

First, the machine tool reference point: is defined by the machine tool manufacturer for the point, the machine tool reference point ( R) and the machine tool zero ( M) coordinate position between the relationship is fixed and is stored in the CNC system in the corresponding machine tool data, generally is not allowed to change. Only in special circumstances can be changed by changing the machine reference point ( R ) limit switch position to change its position; but at the same time to be able to accurately measure the machine reference point ( R ) relative to the machine zero ( M ) geometric distance and stored in the CNC system of the corresponding machine data, in order to ensure that the original design of the machine's coordinate system is not destroyed. After the control system starts, all axes are returned to the reference point once in order to calibrate the travel measurement system. Most machine tools can automatically return to the reference point, such as power failure so that the control system loses the existing coordinates of the value, you can return to the reference point and regain accurate position values.

Second, the workpiece zero point: by the operator or programmer to program a part of the program, to a fixed point on the workpiece to establish a coordinate system, called the workpiece coordinate system (or programming coordinate system). The zero point of this system is called the workpiece zero (or programming zero) W. The workpiece zero is chosen so that the dimensions of the workpiece can be easily converted to coordinates and the dimensions of the drawing can be used as coordinates as much as possible. The measuring system can be easily checked, set up, adjusted, oriented and positioned.

CNC lathe workpiece zero point is on the right edge of the finished part contour or the left edge of the spindle axis. On milling machines, the workpiece zero point is selected at an outside corner of the workpiece, which is then entered into the CNC when the machine is started (often at a distance from a reference point).




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