CNC lathe requirements for the feed drive mechanism

The CNC lathe's feed drive system commonly used servo feed system to work. The role of the servo feed system is based on the command message from the CNC system to amplify and then control the movement of the executive components, not only to control the speed of the feed movement, but also to accurately control the tool relative to the movement position and trajectory of the workpiece. A typical CNC lathe closed-loop control of the feed system is usually composed of position comparison, amplification components, drive unit, mechanical feed drive mechanism and detection of feedback components and other parts. Among them, the mechanical feed transmission mechanism of CNC lathe refers to the whole mechanical transmission chain that changes the rotary motion of servo motor into the linear feed motion of table or tool holder, mainly including deceleration device, screw nut vice, guiding parts and its supporting parts.

In order to ensure the transmission accuracy, system stability and dynamic response characteristics of the CNC lathe feed system, the feed mechanism puts forward the requirements of no clearance, low friction, low inertia, high stiffness, high resonance and suitable damping ratio, etc. In order to meet these requirements, the following steps are mainly taken. In order to meet these requirements, the following measures are mainly taken: low friction drive as far as possible, such as the use of static pressure guide, rolling guide and ball screws to reduce friction. Adopt transmission ratio to improve machine resolution, so that the table accelerates as big as possible to achieve tracking instructions, so that the transmission inertia of the system discounted to the drive axis as small as possible. Shorten the transmission chain and use pretension to improve the rigidity of the transmission system, such as the use of motor direct drive screw, should be pre-loaded rolling guide and rolling screw vice, screw support designed to both ends of the fixed, and available pre-stretching structure and other methods to improve the rigidity of the transmission system.

CNC lathe feed mechanism is an important link in the servo system, in addition to high positioning accuracy, should also have good dynamic response characteristics, the system tracking command signal response to fast, good stability. Try to eliminate the transmission gap and reduce the reverse dead zone error, such as the use of the coupling with gap elimination measures, the use of the transmission vice.




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