Six directions of development of CNC machine tool manufacturing industry

CNC machine tool is an important basic equipment for the machine tool manufacturing industry, so its development has been of great concern to people. In recent years, China's machine tool manufacturing industry is facing both a good opportunity for the development of manufacturing equipment, but also encountered the pressure of market competition. From the technical level, accelerate the promotion of CNC technology will be a key to address the sustainable development of the machine tool manufacturing industry. At present, the world's advanced manufacturing technology continues to rise, ultra-high-speed cutting, ultra-precision machining technology, the rapid development of flexible manufacturing systems and computer integrated systems continue to mature, the CNC processing technology puts forward a higher demand. Today's CNC machine tools are moving in the following six directions.

   First, reliability: the reliability of CNC machine tools has been the main indicator of user concern. CNC system will use a higher degree of integration of the circuit chip, the use of large-scale or large-scale special and hybrid integrated circuits, to reduce the number of components, to improve reliability. Through the hardware function software to adapt to the requirements of various control functions, while using the hardware structure of the machine tool itself modularization, standardization and generalization and serialization, making both to improve the hardware production volume, but also to facilitate the organization of production and quality control. Also by automatically running start-up diagnosis, online diagnosis, offline diagnosis and other diagnostic procedures to achieve the system hardware, software and a variety of external devices for fault diagnosis and alarm. The use of alarm tips, timely troubleshooting; the use of fault-tolerant technology, the use of important components "redundancy" design, in order to achieve self-recovery; the use of a variety of testing, monitoring technology, when the production overrun, knife loss, interference, power outages and other accidents, automatic protection of the corresponding.

   Second, control system miniaturization: CNC system miniaturization to facilitate the machine, electrical devices combined into one. At present, the main use of ultra-large scale integrated components, multi-layer printed circuit boards, using three-dimensional installation methods, so that electronic components to high-density installation, large-scale reduction of the system occupies space. The use of new color LCD thin display instead of the traditional cathode ray tube, will make the CNC operating system further miniaturization. This will make it easy to install it on the machine tool equipment, more convenient for the use of CNC machine tool operation.

   Third, intelligent: the introduction of modern CNC machine tools will be adaptive control technology, according to the changes in cutting conditions, automatic adjustment of working parameters, so that the process can maintain the working state, resulting in higher machining accuracy and smaller surface roughness, but also to improve the service life of the tool and equipment production efficiency. With self-diagnosis and self-healing function, the system can self-diagnose and check the CNC system itself and various equipments connected with it at any time during the whole working condition. When a fault occurs, the system will immediately take measures such as shutting down and alarming the fault, indicating the location and cause of the fault. It is also possible to automatically take the faulty module offline and switch on the backup module to ensure an unmanned working environment. In order to achieve higher requirements for fault diagnosis, the development trend is the use of artificial intelligence expert diagnosis system.

   Fourth, CNC programming automation: CAD / CAM graphical interactive automatic programming has been more applications, is a new trend in the development of CNC technology. It is the use of CAD drawings of parts processing pattern, and then by the computer within the tool path data for calculation and post-processing, thereby automatically generating NC parts processing program to achieve the integration of CAD and CAM. With the development of CIMS technology, there is a CAD/CAPP/CAM integrated automatic programming method, the difference between it and CAD/CAM system programming is that the processing parameters required for programming do not have to be manually involved, directly from the system within the CAPP database.

   Fifth, high speed, high precision: speed and precision is the two important indicators of CNC machine tools, which is directly related to the processing efficiency and product quality. At present, CNC system using bits, frequency higher processor, in order to improve the system's basic operating speed. At the same time, the use of large-scale integrated circuits and multi-microprocessor structure, in order to improve the system's data processing capabilities, that is, to improve the speed and accuracy of interpolation operation. And adopt the linear servo feed of linear motor directly driving the machine table, its high speed and dynamic response characteristics are quite superior. The use of feed-forward control technology, so that the tracking hysteresis error is greatly reduced, thus improving the machining accuracy of corner cutting.

   Six, multi-functional: equipped with automatic tool-changing mechanism of various types of machining centers, can be realized on the same machine tool at the same time milling, boring, drilling, turning, reaming, reaming, reaming, tapping a variety of processes such as thread processing, modern CNC machine tools also use a multi-spindle, multi-faceted cutting, that is, different parts of a part at the same time for different ways of cutting and processing. CNC system due to the use of multi-CPU structure and hierarchical interrupt control mode, can be in a machine tool for parts processing and programming at the same time, to achieve the so-called "foreground processing, background editing". In order to adapt to flexible manufacturing systems and computer integration system requirements, CNC systems with remote serial interface, and even networking, to achieve data communication between CNC machine tools, can also be directly on multiple CNC machine tools for control.

  In order to adapt to the requirements of ultra-high-speed processing, CNC machine tools use spindle motor and machine spindle into one structure, to achieve the integration of inverter motor and machine spindle, spindle motor bearings using magnetic floating bearings, liquid hydrostatic bearings or ceramic rolling bearings and other forms. CNC machine tools with its flexible automated performance, excellent and stable accuracy, agile and diversified functions to attract the world's attention, it created a mechanical products to the development of mechanical and electrical integration of the precedent, so CNC technology has become a core technology in advanced manufacturing technology. On the other hand, through continuous research, the deepening application of information technology to promote the further enhancement of CNC machine tools.




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