What to pay attention to when clamping CNC lathes

CNC lathe is a one-time clamping, continuous automatic processing to complete all turning processes, but in order to the normal use of the equipment, you need to pay attention to several points when clamping.

1. Reasonable choice of tools: rough turning, to choose high strength, good durability of the tool to meet the coarse car when the large back eating tooling, large feed volume requirements; fine turning, to choose high precision, good durability of the tool to ensure machining accuracy requirements.

2. Reasonable selection of fixture: try to use general-purpose fixture clamping workpieces, avoiding the use of special fixture; part positioning benchmark overlap to reduce positioning error.

In addition, should also determine the CNC lathe processing route processing route refers to the CNC lathe processing process, the tool relative to the parts of the trajectory and direction of the movement of two requirements.

1. Can ensure machining accuracy and surface roughness requirements.

2. Shorten the machining route as much as possible and reduce the empty travel time of the tool.




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