How to prevent deformation when machining large objects on a lathe

If the lathe is used to process large objects, deformation may occur, and in order to prevent this phenomenon, it is necessary to understand how to prevent the occurrence of this phenomenon.

1. Increase the static rigidity of the lathe, that is, the rigidity of the machine itself, to avoid these phenomena. General lathe in the process of processing, will be subject to many external forces, such as the role of moving parts, the weight of the workpiece, as well as cutting force, driving force, inertia, friction and so on. If under the action of these forces, make the lathe components deformation, then it will directly or indirectly make the relative displacement between the tool and the workpiece, thus affecting the lathe machining accuracy, and cutting process, and then make the workpiece deformation.

Improve processing accuracy: lathe wants to obtain high processing efficiency and high processing speed, then it requires high processing accuracy to be able to match it.

Therefore, in terms of the mechanical structure of the lathe, it needs higher rigidity in order to achieve the above-mentioned purpose, so it is generally required to be about 50% higher rigidity than ordinary machine tools.




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