CNC lathe motor shake does not turn what is the reason?

The CNC lathe may have a variety of various problems after a long period of use, after the program starts, there is a possibility that the motor shakes and does not turn, what is the reason? And what to do about it?

The reason for this phenomenon is that it could be caused by a phase break in the stepper motor or its control system. In other words, it could be a fault in the stepper motor itself, or a fault in the drive circuit.

The solutions we propose for the cause are.

First check the stepper motor connection plug is in good contact, if the connection plug is in good contact, can then be no fault of a phase of the motor to switch over, if the motor after the switch runs normally, then the original stepper motor fault, if the motor after the switch still can not work normally, then the control part of its abnormal, can focus on checking the driver board on the high-power transistor and its protection components release diode, under normal circumstances, these two components are more likely to damage than larger.




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