What are the methods for detecting problems with CNC machines?

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CNC machine tools is a lot of application discipline contains a very complex equipment, together with the CNC system and the machine itself, the type of a wide variety of different functions, it is difficult to find a suitable for all CNC machine tools, all types of common detection methods. Here we are only some common general method to explain, these methods are interlinked, in the actual fault detection, these methods to be used comprehensively.

1 since the detection function method

Although the contemporary CNC system has not achieved a high level of intelligence, but already has a strong self-test function. Can always monitor the CNC system hardware and software working condition. Once anomalies, immediately in the CRT display alarm information or use light-emitting diodes mark the approximate cause of the problem. The use of self-test function, can also show the system and the host of the interface between the signal status, so as to distinguish the problem in the mechanical or CNC system. This method is currently one of the most effective method of maintenance work.

2 function program test method

The so-called functional program test method is the common functions of the CNC system and special functions, such as linear positioning, circular interpolation, spiral cutting, fixed cycle, user macro program and so on with manual programming or automatic programming method, compiled into a functional test program, programmed into the CNC system, after the start of the CNC system to make it run, with the help of its test machine to perform these functions of the accuracy and stability, so as to distinguish between the function of the machine and the function of the machine. Possible causes of the problem. This method is useful for the first start-up of CNC machines that have been idle for a long time.

When the inspection and machining of the machine is in motion, but there is no alarm, it is difficult to determine whether it is a programming error or an operating error, or the cause of the problem with the machine, this is a good way to distinguish.

3) Isolation method

The isolation method interrupts some control loops to narrow the scope of the problem. Example: A machining center, under the JOG mode, the feed is stable, but the automatic has problems. First of all, it is necessary to determine whether it is an NC problem or a servo system problem by interrupting the servo speed signal and using the battery voltage as a signal. It is further checked that there is a problem with the Y-axis clamping device.

4) Partial warming method

Components of CNC systems age over time and performance degrades. When they are not completely damaged, the problems will become sporadic. At this time can be hot hair dryer or soldering iron, etc. to part of the heating of suspected components, accelerate their aging, in order to completely reveal the problem components. Of course, when taking this method, it is important to pay attention to the temperature parameters of the components, so as not to bake the original good components.




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