Features of CNC lathes for processing

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A CNC lathe is very adaptable to the object it is working on because when the CNC lathe changes the part it is working on, it only needs to be reprogrammed to work on the new part.

It is different from a conventional lathe.

It does not require manufacturing, many tools, fixtures, and measuring tools need to be replaced, and there is no need to readjust the lathe.

As a result, CNC lathes can quickly move from machining one part to machining another, providing great convenience for single parts, small batches and trial production of new products, shortening the production preparation cycle and saving a lot of tooling costs.

Second, the digital processing of CNC lathes has a high degree of machining accuracy.

Due to the pulse equivalent of CNC equipment (i.e. the corresponding movement of the CNC lathe moving parts after each pulse output) is generally up to 0.001mm, and CNC equipment can compensate for the feed chain backlash and pitch error, CNC lathe can obtain higher machining accuracy and quality stability.




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